Archangel Chapter One

I am happy to release a sneak peak of the first chapter of my debut novel Archangel, Book One of Shadow's Advent.

Ten years have passed since the forces of Heaven faced the legions of Hell in the realm of man. Light clashed with darkness, good with evil, in the most devastating war creation has ever witnessed. The angels never stood a chance. Barred from the war, the archangel Uriel now descends to a world that he does not recognize, with a path as clear as the black clouds that loom overhead. Nothing has prepared the angel for this new Earth. It is a realm where a half-demon is an ally, where beasts rule, and where humans are perhaps the worst monsters of them all. With nothing more than his weapons and his talent, Uriel must find what allies he can as he faces the daunting task of renewing the fight against the hordes of the underworld. But something darker is being stirred, something that the entire host of Heaven cannot even begin to fathom. The archangel Uriel, the Fire of Heaven, is the last hope for a world that has seen suffering in its truest form, yet has no idea what is lurking in the shadows.

Click the link below to download Chapter One. All feedback is greatly appreciated!


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