Nightshade is a series of urban fantasy short stories. Claire Lafleur wants to be your average, ordinary woman, but she is far from it. To start, she spends most of her evenings hunting ghosts and monsters…or drinking with them. She is a slayer, someone tasked to keep the balance between this world and the underworld, and she is the best at what she does. There is one thing that she isn’t proud of, though.

She is a supernatural herself.

The first three Nightshade stories are available for free.

Nightshade: The Keeper will be released on my Patreon account in March. If you like what you read, join me over there to get monthly stories in the Nightshade series.

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The worst part about not being able to die is that everything still really hurts.

Meet Claire, supernatural slayer and a supernatural herself. She can burst into shadows, can conjure a wicked blade and can’t die. But that’s not enough for her boss, a 1920s gangster spirit, from giving her a hard time.

Nightshade_ Blood Moon.png

NightShade: Blood Moon

Something is sending unrecognizable bodies to the emergency room, something lurking in the forest. The doctors and police are saying that it has to be some sort of animal, but Claire knows better.

But it can’t be a werewolf, right? Those things don’t even exist. Even for Nightshade, this is a weird one.

Black Mass.png

Nightshade: Black Mass

Claire is having a rough night, but it’s about to get much worse. After killing something that looked and sounded like a human child, the slayer is given a contract for a coven of witches that have been abducting the locals.

Nightshade normally doesn’t take human contracts, but these witches picked the wrong night to piss her off.