Praise for Archangel

“I love the imagination it took to build this world and all the creatures and devastation in it. Artfully done, well-written, and action-packed. The necessary element of heart and emotion is very real and dramatic, and that’s what makes this story whole for me.”

“Landsborough keeps the pace moving along with action-packed scenes and character driven chapters.”

“The action within the story was well written. The imagery was timed perfectly.”


“What an incredible debut novel. I was simply blown away by the thought & care put into every word of this book.
The world-building is excellent…
The main characters of Uriel and Shandra are wonderfully developed. We see their pain, vulnerability, and strength throughout the story. The secondary characters are entertaining and add so much depth to the book.
I love the premise of heaven and hell battled, heaven lost, and now the angels are back to reclaim earth.. As the saying goes...they are kicking ass and taking names! I can not wait to read the next book in this series”

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