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You have stumbled upon my very own website and blog! Here you will find the inner workings of my mind, from rambles to helpful articles, short stories to little surprises here or there.

Every Tuesday and Thursday you can expect a brand new blog, while weekends come with some surprises. One week could have a new Coffeehouse interview with rising indie authors, while another could have a short story or some other treat for your eyes and your imagination.

So welcome. Take a look around, make yourself at home and - most of all - enjoy.

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Currently Reading: Transmute by Eric Lahti

Currently Working On: Rewriting Archangel (Still)

Latest Coffeehouse: Cris and Clare Meyers

Latest Story: Nightshade: Black Mass

What's Coming Up: A new Nightshade story


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Nerd. PoliSci Graduate. Dungeon Master.  

If I had to describe myself in just a few labels, those would definitely be the first that come to mind.

Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to be a writer. If I had to pinpoint it to one source, I remember being given a thick, three-in-one edition of R.A. Salvatore's Dark Elf Trilogy in grade five.  In terms of literary heroes, Drizzt Do'Urden was definitely the first. That was my first true foray into fantasy, and the love stuck. Strange that I didn't get into Dungeons & Dragons - the same universe that Drizzt lives in - until my later years of university. My taste in books has expended too, though a whole shelf and a bit are dedicated to that dark elf, I now find myself reading horror and urban fantasy predominantly.

Beyond that I am a strong advocate for human rights and equality, a lover of fine scotches, a computer gaming enthusiast and (currently) an intern.

There is more to my own story than just that, but let's leave it there for now. Let's get to know each other.