It is a simple word that means a whole lot more than it lets on.  Passion is warm, it is vibrant.  Passion is alive.  Passion is something that we, as people, strive for.  It is a word that evokes happiness, ideas of lust, a great yearning.  Passion is a powerful word.

Writing is my passion.  I have been utterly obsessed with reading and writing since I was in elementary school.  Words are something that you can become lost in, simple imprinted letters that can take you to worlds completely different than ours, or shockingly similar.  But, if writing is my passion, then why has it taken me so long to start what I am starting now?  That sensation that is without equal has been burning in the background, taking a backseat to what we can, for now, deem “the real world”.  But not anymore.  Consider this my first definitive, no-going-back step out of the real world and into the realm of passion.

Here is the thing about passion: it is a link.  There can be passion between two people, whether they be lovers, great friends, or partners who share the same goal.  It can, like in my case, be between a person and what they love.  Writing, running, travelling, playing a sport, video games, vlogging, working on machines, drawing.  The list goes on and on.  Passion is the glue that binds you and it.

I hate to say it, but there have been so many times when that glue has been weakened.  During the four years I spent in university, my passion was shrouded with countless other things.  Classes, homework, jobs, friends, more-than-friends, mistakes, accomplishments, everything seemed to get in the way.  Then I finished school, graduated with my degree and set off to face the world.  It has been sixteen months since then.

But that is the other thing about passion: it never goes away.  You can forget about it and smother it.  Lock it out in the cold and seemingly put something new in its place.  But no matter what you do, your passion will always be there, as constant as your shadow or the air we breathe.

I have tried many times to write what will be my first blog post, and every time it feels incomplete and awkward.  Every time I try and put my thoughts to words it stumbled into a mixture of awkward self-description and a dating app profile combined into one.  So why don’t we save that for later?

This collection of blogs and short stories is my passion, my need to put my words and thoughts out there for the world to see.  So welcome to the site, hang out for a little bit and get comfortable.  Leave a comment here or there if you want, and hopefully we can get to know each other.  Nice to meet you.