We Hit 1,000 Followers!


Psst… Hey!

We did it.


As of this week, I have officially (and safely) surpassed 1,000 followers! So I just want to take the next few hundred words, and a few moments of your time, to both revel in that fact and say a sincere thank you. Let’s start with the latter, the most important part.

So, thank you. Thank you to all the people who followed me back in August when I was just starting out. Thank you to everyone who retweeted me along the way, who liked my posts, who answered my questions and had conversations with me. And to everyone who has just joined in the last little bit, thank you and welcome!

Now some of you may be thinking that 1,000 followers isn’t a lot. To you I say - frankly - chill out, friend. It is a big deal to me, it is a major milestone in a journey that is continually evolving in twists, turns, and detours that I never could have imagined. The whole way I appreciated every single new follower; I got excited with each and every  one. I set goals for getting X number of followers (quality followers, that is) by certain points, and I happily met and exceeded them.

Don’t get me wrong. The ultimate goal isn’t to get the most number of followers possible. The goal, as I am sure you all know, is to get my book, and subsequent series, out there, alongside this blog and my short stories. However, the nice thing about Twitter followers is that it represents a tangible, quantitative goal. It is something that is definitive and that makes it more affirming. I am sure there is science behind that!

And where do we go from here?

Well next up is to get to 1,100. Then 1,200. Rinse and repeat. The goal is growth, not just in followers, but in myself too. I don’t just see this as just waiting for the number of followers to rise, I see it as my own content and digital marketing skills developing through real experience. And it correlates with my growth as a writer, too. Writing, marketing, blogging, website design, social media management. In the last 1,000 followers I have come leaps and bounds from the man who started this adventure in August of 2016.

I know that I will continue to grow, and I am so happy to have you along for the ride.

I know this isn’t my usual style of blog and there isn’t a lot of meat on the bones. Next week we will return to your regularly scheduled programming, and I am happy to say that more reviews and Coffeehouse interviews are on the way as well! Some for books that haven’t even been released yet! And, as always, work persists on Archangel.

So please accept one last, heartfelt thank you from me to you. I will see you next time.