Update: (Un)Motivated

We are going to take a little detour from the usual blog format. There will be no lesson or moral or revelation in this blog, now will there be a review or interview. Instead, this will just be a short reflection to explain why things have been a little off lately. Or, at least, an attempt at that reflection.

For reasons I can’t quite put my finger on, I have been in a real slump lately. I have completely lacked any motivation to do much beyond the necessities before and after work. Even relatively easy things like scrolling through social media or playing video games has seemed unappealing and, blatantly, exhausting. I know that sounds kind of silly, but it is the best way to describe it.

It is one thing to lack motivation, though, and another thing to be acutely aware of your lack of motivation. I want to be writing, exercising, cleaning, cooking. I want to be making connections with writers and readers, to be looking for ways to better prepare myself for publishing a book! And being able to know that I want that and am just unable to get it is an incredibly defeating feeling.

But this isn’t just doom and gloom! I have come too far and made too much progress to let something like a slump defeat me. And please, don't mistake this for a cry for help or the trumpet of failure. It is neither. It is just letting those of you who read my blog, who follow me on social media, and who care at all, that we may have slowed down, but we are not stopping!

So I am tweaking my routines a little, and maybe I’ll throw in some things to get the brain and imagination going. I will still be delivering two blogs a week, with some bonus content on the weekend. And even if the rewrite of Archangel only goes at a few hundred words per sit down, it is progress. And eventually, with enough progress, we will get out of this slump and back to normal.

That is going to be it for today’s blog though, a quick update while I get everything back in order. I know I’m not the only one who has been in a rut before, so let me know about a time when you were in a similar situation, and be sure to tell me how you got out of it! You might just help me out of mine.

And be sure to swing back here on this weekend for a brand new Coffeehouse interview!