The Write-Up: April

As we reach the end of the month, we have some big changes taking place. I continue to make progress on Archangel and have just recently decided to get started on my Google+ page - it is no secret that one should not, and cannot, rely on just one channel when it comes to networking and building a brand. Twitter might be a great tool for this, but it is far from the only one.

I have also decided that I wanted to do this, The Write-Up, at the end of each month going forward. It will just be a quick recap of what has happened over the last month - my successes, where I can still grow, what we have done together, and a short summary of what I have posted, in case you missed something! So let’s get started.

So, right off the bat, April might not have been the best month to start this. April was actually a pretty slow month in terms of progress, growth, and motivation. It was not just me, I saw the same April effect happening to many people that I follow. But it wasn’t without it’s ups!

I am now almost halfway through my rewrite of Archangel. It was giving me some pushback, since I would rather be getting it out to beta readers and then finally out to market, but I really want it to be the best it can be. I have also wrapped up the planning of a new Nightshade story, so expect to see that soon.

But April was not without its hurdles, either. I had a short story get rejected for an electronic magazine, and rejection is never fun. However, I still believe it’s a good story. I’ll just work on polishing it and maybe it will be released to you all in May.

As for what else is coming in may, expect another Coffeehouse interview and at least one book review! And I am hoping to get more than halfway done my rewrite of Archangel, so that might go out to some beta readers. Be sure to let me know if you are interested!

That it for the juicy stuff. Check out the recap of this month’s blogs to make sure you didn’t miss out on anything that you might like.

Should You Read It: The White Raven - A review of Carrie Miller’s debut novel, a trip into witches, curses, and magical realism.

Power Makes You Good. Limits Make You Great - An examination of Sanderson’s Second Law of Magic and how limitations on power make far more interesting characters than power itself.

Behind the Scenes: Demons - The second behind the scenes blog, this one diving into the terrifying nature of demons in the world of Archangel.

How Mentorship Has Changed My Life -My personal takeaways from having a mentor help me out, where mentorship can come from, and why you should get one.

Update: (Un)Motivated - Just a quick update explaining why I had been absent on social media for a bit, but that I am back and raring to go!

What Not to Do When Writing Your Female Lead - One of my favourite blogs of the month, I discuss the biggest pitfalls to avoid when creating and writing a strong female character.

Series vs Standalone - Finally, the last blog of the month examined the pros and cons of writing a story as a lone novel or as part of a series.

And I don’t want these write-ups to be just about me. I would love to hear about your April in the comments below. What was awesome about it, where did you succeed, what might have not gone as well as you thought and, most importantly, what are you most excited for?

I hope your month was wonderful, and I will see you back here on Tuesday for the first blog of May