How Much More Editing Does Archangel Need?

So, as I am sure you have seen in some place or another if you read these blogs or follow me on social media, I have been rewriting Archangel. Not just a quick skim-and-edit, but a complete rewrite from the ground up. Some chapters of the novel were written literally years ago, during my early years at school, and the quality shows. Not that the quality of the story is bad, but the prose is just not as good as it could be.

And as I am rewriting my beloved manuscript, I notice grammar and spelling errors. A lot of them. And I think to myself, “I’ve been through this story at least a half-dozen times looking for these errors. How are there still so many?” And it got me thinking.

Just when will I stop making edits in Archangel?

The time when I actually set down my metaphorical (and sometimes literal) red pen is still a long way off. I still have more than half a story to rewrite, after all! But I know that I can’t just bury my head in the sand and just edit it forever. It would never get the audience that I so longingly want it to have.

So I’ve looked around, seen what the trends are and combined it with my own thoughts on the matter. Archangel in its original form has already gone through one round of beta reading, from which I got excellent feedback. But what about Archangel 2.0?

I have decided that, once I finish rewriting Archangel, I will give it two of my own edits. Then it will go out to beta readers for a second round. Based on that feedback, it will have alterations and another round of edits and - potentially - be released for a third and final round of beta reading. This last part is a little up in the air, since three rounds might be overkill. But it would only be round two for Archangel 2.0, so it is justified.

After that, assuming everything is all good, I will send my manuscript out for professional editing. If there are two tips I have heard over and over again, it is don’t skimp on paying for an editor or a cover for your book. So I will take that advice to heart and make sure that trained eyes make Archangel picture perfect!

And, on that note, I have also considered getting my own copyediting certification. Not only would it make my own writing better, but it could open up career options and even freelancing opportunities down the road!

So, in summary: rewrite, edit, edit, beta read, edit, maybe beta read (and accompanying edit) and then out to the professional!

Have you already published your book? I would love to know when you decided enough was enough in terms of editing. Are you on the same path as me? Tell me when you think you will finally push your book into the world. Keep the conversation going in the comments!

I will see you on Thursday.