Why I've Been Putting Off Making a Facebook Author Page

This one is going to be tough to put into words. For all of the preaching that I do about social media, digital marketing, and building an online network, I have been putting off making a Facebook page like it’s the plague.

I’m on Twitter everyday. I am even putting an effort into learning about Google+ more and using it more frequently. There is still a lot of progress to be made on the latter, but Facebook is Facebook - I know how to use it!

The thing about Facebook that worries me, that scares me even, is how personal it will get. Which sounds terribly strange, I’m sure.

I do not try to hide anything on Twitter or in my blogs. I hope to be as genuine and real as I can, even though 99% of the people I connect with start out as complete strangers. I’ve blogged about my struggles, my failures, my dreams and ambitions. And I have made some great friends and connections, but all of those friends that I have made and the friends that I have yet to make are people I have never met in person.

But now take a look at Facebook.

Everyone that I am connected with on there are people I know in my life. People I have grown up with, gone to school with, or worked with. They are friends and family. And most of them have no idea about my dream to be an independent author.

And, for the life of me, I can’t explain why. Am I afraid that they might judge me? Am I worried that I might not be taken seriously? Or am I worried that I will put myself out there, to those that know and respect and care for me, and fail?

I can confidently answer no to all of those questions. But I can just as readily answer yes.

One of the most important parts of being an author, or anyone who puts their own creations out for public scrutiny, is developing a thick skin. But even a thick skin can have its weakness, and I feel like mine is letting people close to me know what my ambitions are.

Again, I can’t explain exactly why this is the case. You would think that those people would be some of my greatest supporters!

I think we all have some sort of irrational fear or worry when it comes to the important things in life. Especially people whose creativity is the source of their work. Creativity is incredibly subjective. You might think you are the best author, painter, or singer, but there will always be those who disagree with you.

But you - no, I - can’t let irrational fears be in control. I recognize what is wrong, and now I am taking actions to fix it. Will it happen right away? No. Facebook continually reminds me that my unfinished page is not published. But it is a start. And we will get there.

And I know I can’t be alone! Let me know in the comments below one of your irrational fears, especially if it has to do with one of your passions. This isn’t just to vindicate myself, but to help each other out! Some of my best support has come from the people I have connected with since I started this journey, and I promise I will do my best to support you too!