Do You Need to Be An Expert to Blog About It?

We are quickly approaching the one year mark for this blog, which is a huge milestone both professionally and personally. But looking back at my blogs, it has been a rather clear and developing journey that I have been on. I have been writing about things as I’ve been learning them first-hand, with a sprinkle of my expertise in there.

But it made me beg the question: Do you have to be an expert about your topic to legitimately blog about it?

When I first read about content creation before embarking on this independent author path, most of them were actually oriented towards businesses. Rightfully so, since it is an incredibly powerful tool for businesses to use. And for businesses, your blogs should be about what you are an expert in.

But what about me? And what about the people on the same path as me? It is difficult to be considered an expert in an industry that is still gaining ground, at least when you first start out. But that doesn’t mean that your blogs are not worth reading.

One of the greatest parts of a blogger is witnessing their journey and their growth. You gain a sense of attachment towards them and begin to revel in their successes and hurt with their setbacks. You become invested as you walk down the path with someone who is growing with every step.

Hold on. I do believe I just described why we love characters in novels and movies.

And that’s the key right there. When you blog about your journey, you aren’t just writing articles or informative content. You are writing a story. You are writing a story that we can all relate to and one that we have a vested interest in.

And be sure to play to this strength! Remember that a blog post you publish is valuable, but it is also part of you. The same readers that want to follow your story also want to see you within it. This is why I have said again and again to just be yourself. Whether it is on social media or your blog, the person is just as important as the content.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is still plenty of need for blogs that are mostly or entirely informative. I rely on a bunch of them to teach me while I am on my own journey. And they will likely become some of the most popular blogs you have on your site.

But never discount the power of storytelling. Especially when you are the main character.