The Write-Up: June

Another month has flown by. I don’t think I have ever felt time go so quickly as I have since I started writing these monthly Write-Ups. It really makes you take into perspective what has happened and what you still have left to do. So, let’s go over it!

There was a week in June where I actually took time off from blogging. There was a whole week where I just focused on me, my writing, and just recuperating. I didn’t post links to old articles, I didn’t think about what the next week’s blog would be, I just did what was best for me.

It was great! I wish I kept track of how many words I did end up writing, but I wasn’t even thinking of the blogging potential. Rest assured, it was a good week.

But I also missed blogging, so don’t expect that to happen again for a while!

Another big piece of news, one I am really happy to announce, is that the Write-Up mailing list is now live! You may have seen the flashy pop-up when you first came to this page, or might notice the sign-up option at the bottom of each page (and next to here, because I’m so excited about it).

Joining the mailing list will keep us in contact, get you sneak peeks into my writing journey, give you advance access to short stories and chapter previews, and chances at some of the contests I have planned for the future!

So, not to pressure you… but the sign-up is right there!

As far as Archangel goes, I am a little behind the goal I set in last month’s Write-Up, but I realize that was a bit ambitious. Still, we have crossed the 50% mark and are coming along nicely. Expect an update from that soon, as well as my next steps!

And, as always, here is a rundown of the blogs that went up. A bit fewer than usual because of my week of relaxation, but still some popular articles nonetheless.

The Three Rewrite Dragons - Not only the most popular blogs of the month, but one of the most popular I’ve written yet! I explain how rewriting your novel can take the form of three different dragons, and what it takes to slay them!

What the Heck is Crowdfire? - Crowdfire, a social media management platform, is the tool I have been using lately. In this blog I explain its benefits and features, specifically for Twitter users.

Quality vs Quantity of Followers - I’ve gained a lot of Twitter followers recently, so I thought I would examine how quality of followers stacks up against quantity.

So I Took a Week Off - Like I mentioned above, I took the week off from blogging and social media-ing, and decided to delve into how it helped and what I did.

Are You a Bohemian? - The title of self-published still carries a negative stigma, much like the term bohemian. I explain why creatives should embrace this title.

Why I’ve Been Putting Off Making a Facebook Author Page - I get personal in this blog, one that seemed to resonate with a lot of people, and explain why I have been procrastinating in making a Facebook Author/Blogger page.

Why You Need to Drive Traffic to Your Author Website - Based on a frightening hiccup that I had with Twitter, I go into detail about why, as a creative, you need to drive traffic to your website.

As for what’s coming up in July, it is full-steam ahead with the rewrite. I think in the next month we can almost get it done… then it is time for editing, proofreaders, beta readers, more editing, and the works. There will be a strong emphasis on that, so we might not get a Nightshade story out until August. But it is in the pipeline!

What about you? What do you have in store for the month of July, and what did you accomplish in August? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.

Until next time.