New Writer Hashtag Game - #WhoNeedsAHero

One of the most entertaining parts of being a writer on Twitter is participating in hashtag games. My favourite of them all are the ones where you get to use lines from your work in progress. There is something great about what you can do with 140 characters of fiction; if a tweet can get people interested in your work, then you must be doing something right.

But I thought something was missing. As much as I loved the hashtag games and their weekly themes, they focused on the setting or the main character. What they never focused on, except maybe once a year, are the villains.

And the more I write my own work, the more I come to find that villains are not just plot tools or sources of conflict. They are characters that are possibly more complex than your protagonist(s), and sometimes even more fun to write.

So what? I’m sure I’m not the only one who likes hashtag games and writing about their antagonists.

I have decided that I am going to host my own hashtag game! One that focuses on the characters we love to hate: our villains. Let’s get into the specifics.


When: It all starts Friday, August 11 and will run every Friday after that.


What: A hashtag game that will have an optional theme each week. You can participate by tweeting a line that has to do with your villain. Use the hashtag #WhoNeedsAHero (or #WNAH if you are short for space) so that others can find and promote your tweet!

Who: Anyone can participate! No matter what your genre or form of writing, feel free to add your tweet to the fray!

Why: Well, because it’s fun of course!

If you have any suggestions for weekly themes, let me know in the comments below. If you have your own favourite hashtag games, share them with us too. Otherwise, be sure to join us next Friday for the first #WhoNeedsAHero!