The Write-Up: August

August was a very eventful week for everything from writing, to the blog, to huge announcements. We officially hit our one-year mark in August and with that comes a whole bunch of new commitments. As you’ll see in the blog recap below, chief among those are the start of a new hashtag game and the debut of a brand-new website.

Furthermore, August saw the start of my education to become an accredited editor! While it is a long journey for that, I am very open to looking at your short work; it’s totally free, just bear in mind that I’m not a professional… not yet.

Finally, I can count on one hand (maybe one and a half, depending on how it goes) how many chapters I have left to rewrite Archangel. Then, hopefully, editing can happen within October and beta readers can have a good chunk read before the new year. I haven’t been doing a lot of updates when it comes to Archangel lately, but trust me when I say it’s happening.

Now, onto the blogs from this month.

New Writer Hashtag Game - #WhoNeedsAHero – To celebrate our one-year mark, I launched a new hashtag game on Twitter. Hashtag games are one of my favourite things to participate in on the platform, and I thought I’d bring my infatuation for villains to it.

5 Lessons that One Year of Blogging Has Taught an Indie Author – Blogging for one year is no small feat. There were a lot of struggles and learning opportunities that came with it, especially when it came to the blogging and marketing aspect. Learn from my journey so you can enhance your own.

The Indie Author’s Guide to Social Media – Part One: Twitter – The first in an ongoing series specifically for indie authors, I take a deep dive into how indie authors can get started on Twitter, why it is useful, things to avoid, and tips to make you a Twitter expert. This was the most popular blog of the month!

5 Indie Author Myths Debunked – Another big hit this month, this blog examines five of the biggest myths that get slapped on indie authorship and debunks them. A must-read for indie authors.

A Big New Announcement – The big one! The news that we are launching a new website, MyUrbanFantasy. It is a website that is aimed to be the ultimate place for urban fantasy readers and writers. If you are interested in being a part of it, shoot me an email.

The Indie Author’s Resource List – An ever-growing community list, we placed our first five indie author resources this month. Check them out and be sure to let me know what you want added!

The Indie Author’s Guide to Social Media – Part Two: Google+ - The second entry into the Indie Author’s Guide, we look at the lesser-used Google+. Take a look to see how you can effectively utilize this platform to make a huge impact as an indie author.

And that’s it for August. I made the decision to reduce the blog posts to once a week. It was a tough decision, but with the upcoming website, the rewrite gaining more momentum, editing courses, and a handful of other factors, it seemed like the right choice. It also lets me write bigger, better content like The Indie Author’s Guide to Social Media.

Finally, if you are a member of the mailing list you will be getting some bonus content this week. Based off the extremely successful first part of The Indie Author’s Guide, get ready for some bonus tips and a cheat sheet. If you aren’t on the list, be sure to sign up below before it is too late.

Thanks for another great month everyone, you are the ones who make this possible.