The Adventure Continues...

It’s been a while!

My sincerest apologies to everyone who reads this blog faithfully. I have been absent for more than a few months now, without any real update. If you are willing to give me the chance, I want to take a few minutes to explain exactly what has been going on, where we are at now, and what it is coming up in the future.

Let’s start with where I have been. My partner and I moved in together, which means I have moved out of the parents’ place. I have absolutely loved living with her, but it has come with a whole host of new responsibilities. Between working full-time, adapting to my new life, and just trying to live a little, something had to give.

Unfortunately, that something was my online presence. Both my blog and my social media went dark for a very long time. Since January, however, I have been trying to work myself back into it. I also reached the unhealthiest I have ever been around Christmas and have been working diligently since then to get healthier. I have been working hard to get my life back on track.

It’s tough to admit when you make mistakes, but I can readily admit that I have. And I have been working to fix them.

So that brings us to the now.

Now, as you might have seen on Twitter, I have taken in some editing projects for my fellow indie authors, to get some experience under my belt. I am continuing to pursue my post-grad certificate in editing, part-time, so that I can start editing as a part-time career soon. I am also wrapping up the latest round of beta feedback for Archangel. I am hoping to have that rewritten and to an editor before the end of the month.

Speaking of the end of the month, I am also heading on a trip to Iceland on the 27th! Me and my good friend are going on a road trip around the country and seeing all the beautiful sights it has. So I really want to get Archangel finalized before we head out for that.

Alright, now let’s talk about what’s coming up.

First of all, I am going back to school. Like, full-time. Right now, I am taking part-time courses, but I will be going back for a full course load in September. I will be going for (another) post-graduate degree in Communications and Professional Writing. If you can’t tell, I am really looking to orient myself into the professional world of writing as much as possible.

As for Archangel, I am trying to narrow down a release date for Fall of this year. The exact date is yet to be determined, but I am hoping to figure it out soon. Once this beta feedback has been incorporated and I am happy with a(nother) new version of the story. Rest assured, you will all be the first to know when that happens.

Not only do I want to get back into blogging, but I also want to make some videos to go along with them. I don’t want to overload myself and burn out again, so the blogs will not be nearly as frequent as they used to be. Right now, I am thinking one blog every two weeks. I know that a lot of people saw value in the blogs I wrote, and I have grown so much from writing them. I can’t wait to get back into them.

Finally, and most excitingly for me, I am launching a new project soon. I am starting a new service/blog/YouTube series called Looking4Quests. It is my foray into being a freelance Dungeon Master and creating some Dungeons & Dragons content online. I am extremely excited for this new medium, and – of course – following my passion some more. A lot more details are on their way, so stay tuned for that.

That leads me to the call to action. You didn’t think I could write a blog without including a call to action, did you?

I really want to practice what I have been preaching for a while. I have grown to hate the job that I am working 40+ hours a week at, and I need to make a change. I want to show people that you can make your passion your life, that you don’t have to work 40+ hours a week so you can enjoy a couple of hours of what you love.

I want to hear about how all of you have followed your dreams, too! Let’s spread some inspiration and get each other motivated. Let’s take one more step towards our dream.

Thank you so much for stopping on by and reading this brand new blog. If you are an indie author or have a question or topic about editing that you want me to write about in the future, leave a comment below or reach out to me on Twitter.

Most importantly, leave a comment below on what you want to see on the blog. If I don't know it already, I would be more than happy to do some research, get some experience, and get you the best information possible. This is an adventure we are taking together, so be a part of the journey!

Until next time, my friends.