What's New: Archangel Releasing Soon, Win a Signed Copy and More!

As I’m writing this, Archangel is being released in 12 days. Let me repeat that.

Archangel is being released in 12 days.

Can you believe it? It’s been one heck of a journey, and those who have been around since the beginning know that. From what Archangel used to be, to what it is today, and who I used to be compared to who I am now. The growth has been incredible.

So, to commemorate Archangel going live, I decided to do a total overhaul of the website. I encourage everyone to look around, get to know the new digs. I tried to streamline the website as much as I could, and I hope you appreciate it.

But we have a whole bunch of things of other things to talk about in this blog.

First things first: I have expanded my author social media past Twitter, at long last. I would love if you gave me a like, follow, connection, whatever on Facebook, Goodreads, Pinterest and even LinkedIn! If I can/if it is appropriate, I will do the same back.

Even better, I am doing a free giveaway for a signed copy of Archangel to someone from my email list. Shipping will be paid for by me, and you are entered just by punching in your name and email below. Details can be found here.

Second, I am still looking for reviewers for Archangel. No rush on those reviews, but I will happily send you a free digital copy in exchange for an honest review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. If you love it, you can always buy it after, but there is no pressure to. Contact me or reach out on social media to talk more about it.

You might also have noticed that the short stories, save for Nightshade, are gone! I am taking another look at them and will be uploading them in the next few months. While I am proud of them, it was a younger me that wrote them, and I want all the work on here to be as good as I can get it. I will let everyone know when they are back up, and email subscribers will get a look at them early!

And what’s coming up in the future? A few things there, too.

I am still plugging away at my new freelance business, Big Red Pen Editing. I post two blogs a week over there and, if you love my educational stuff about writing and being an author, you will find a lot of it there.

That being said, this blog will be bringing back some of the old stuff that made it so fun: things that I encounter on my journey, things that have helped me and others and, most often, some insight into Shadow’s Advent and all my creations. There will also be blogs under the category Out and About that just focus on things I’ve been doing, especially if it gets me out in the community. Check out the first one here!

I originally thought I should make my author blog for other authors. But there are a million of those out there. If you want blogs that will strengthen how you write or tell stories, then head on over to Big Red Pen.

And I think that’s it for now. Keeping this update short, just as a sort of, “Hey, I’m here and excited.” Again, don’t forget to put your name in for a chance to win a free, signed copy of Archangel. And let me know what you’ve been up to or what you want to see on this blog in the future.

Bye for now!