A Big New Announcement!

Normally I try to keep my blogs informative. I like to think that my blogs are genuinely helpful to some people or, at the very least, an interesting read for others. But this one is going to be a little different. This one is going to be an announcement and an explanation.

Let’s not beat around the bush then. Here goes.

I am starting a second website and blog.

There, I said it. It’s out in the open, no taking it back. I am starting a brand-new website and there is nothing anyone can do to stop me. Now let me explain what is going on while your minds are being blown.

The new website is named MyUrbanFantasy and is intended to be your go-to place for all things urban fantasy. The website will have book features, curated lists, and – most importantly – in-depth blogs and articles. Everything will have an urban fantasy theme to it, as well. That means we will talk about new urban fantasy releases, feature urban fantasy authors, examine different characters, themes, and everything else that gets the urban fantasy nerd in you excited.

Unlike this website, MyUrbanFantasy will be aimed at writers and readers. It is born out of a passion for the urban fantasy genre and a hub for those who share that passion. It means that we will have weekly articles in the beginning, covering the aforementioned topics and a whole lot more. In fact, I already have more than 70 blogs planned and a handful written. If we can really get the website going, perhaps we can even increase the frequency of the blogs.

But this comes with a trade-off. For a while now I have been struggling to write two blogs a week for this website. I am finding it more difficult to think of quality ideas to push out each week, and I don’t want to give my readers the disservice of poor quality content. So, starting next week, we will be going down to one blog a week.

At first, I was sad about making this announcement. I love blogging and engaging with my readers. To drop down to one blog a week felt like I was cutting my content in half. But it actually gives me more freedom.

It means that I can write higher quality blogs and create even better content. It means that I can spend time focusing on great articles like the Indie Author’s Guide to Social Media. It means that I can better reward those of you who have signed up to my mailing list. It means that I can pursue blogging even further, in a niche beyond the one that I have already established. And it means that I can have more time to write my books.

When I compare the pros and cons, it is clear that this is the best option for me and my fans, and for the fans that will be joining our community in the future. Rest assured that I will be putting just as much passion and energy into this website as I have for the last year, but it will now be complemented with different content.

MyUrbanFantasy still has some work to be done before it can go live. I am looking to commission some great artwork, perfect the website, finish even more blogs, and make everything the best it can be for our launch. On this site, we will continue to have great content for indie authors. I will even be pulling some blogs from when I started my journey – ones that have a lot of potential but were not fully brought to life – and giving them a makeover to add more value to you all.

And that’s just the start. Big things are coming, here and at the new website. Stay tuned and get excited.

In the comments below, let me know what your thoughts are on the upcoming MyUrbanFantasy. Tell me what blogs you want to see, both on this website and on the new one. And, of course, any other thoughts you have in those awesome heads of yours.

Most importantly, thank you all for your support for over a year now, and for the great support I am receiving going forward. Without you, none of this would be possible.